Roasted Ground Coffee Moka 250gr/bag CORPOSA

50%-50% Arabica and Robusta varieties

Roasted Ground Coffee Moka 250gr/bag CORPOSA50%-50% Arabica and Robusta varieties

Origin countries: Brasile, Indie

Blend mostly composed by the best Robusta sorts in order to offer a decisive and full-bodied taste. Perfect in its espresso cream. Intense aroma with cacao notes. Long-lasting aftertaste.

Organoleptic table
Body 4
Acidity 1
Aroma 3

Coffee in beans

Coffee in beansWe supply the Ho. Re. Ca sector with coffee beans in 500 gr or 1 kg triple aluminum bag (with flavor- saving valve) for espresso

Ground coffee

Ground coffeeThe Retail Gourmet market is supplied with ground coffee in 250gr package or fine boxes

Capsules and pods

Capsules and podsFor the Household and offices sector, we offer capsules and pods with compact machines


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