Chicco Caffè.

Roasting, Aroma, color, and flavor are the features that determine the unique and undeniable taste of Chicco Caffè

Chicco Caffè


We believe in our origins and where we started. Story, roots, and traditions come first ... We just have to take them and improve ourselves and our work step by step


Work is part of everyday life, thus if work is a pleasure and it's carried out with care and attention, our working days will be a joyful part of life.


We believe in the importance of creating relationships that can last over time, thanks to Trust, Flexibility, Transparency, and Collaboration.

Our Products

Chicco Caffè Products

Coffee in beans

Coffee in beansWe supply the Ho. Re. Ca sector with coffee beans in 500 gr or 1 kg triple aluminum bag (with flavor- saving valve) for espresso

Ground coffee

Ground coffeeThe Retail Gourmet market is supplied with ground coffee in 250gr package or fine boxes

Capsules and pods

Capsules and podsFor the Household and offices sector, we offer capsules and pods with compact machines


Torrefazione Chicco Caffè S.R.L.
Località Molino Rastelli 36
13018 Valduggia (VC)


Tel. 0163 48151