Nature friendly

'cause the only wastefulness produced is the transparent skin of the coffee bean, which sheds naturally during the roasting process. These parts are then delivered to farmers and horticulturists, since being high in mineral salts; it is an excellent fertilizer for plants and flowers. The aluminum packaging is a 100% recyclable material.

Human value

Simply ‘cause there are people, with their passion, behind the product offered

Hand roasting methods

'cause our artisan roasting process respects different moments necessary for each phase of production. Selection of the varieties, the right roasting temperature, the correct duration for roasting and cooling, the time required for coffee beans to rest, allow the perfect and healthy aroma: Respect for time, paying attention to what we do and how we do it. Spending our time is because we care about maintaining our traditions.
Coffee in beans

Coffee in beansWe supply the Ho. Re. Ca sector with coffee beans in 500 gr or 1 kg triple aluminum bag (with flavor- saving valve) for espresso

Ground coffee

Ground coffeeThe Retail Gourmet market is supplied with ground coffee in 250gr package or fine boxes

Capsules and pods

Capsules and podsFor the Household and offices sector, we offer capsules and pods with compact machines


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